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how it all started

our story

One cream that makes skincare simple
and just eases our lives, forever.

“It is during a casual conversation that the idea of JUST EASE came to life. I was sitting with my wife and daughters who were complaining about the difficulty of finding the right combination of skincare products and the amount of time it takes to apply them.

Some questions were raised...

What’s the best moisturizer for my skin?

Do we really need to use different serums, an eye cream, a moisturizer and more oils than days in the week, every single day?

Like most people, my wife and daughters had some minor issues with their skin. Their frustration with skincare echoed the comments that I was hearing from many of my patients. They all understood that skincare is important for keeping the skin healthy and helping it age better. However, the ever-increasing amount of recommended products, all with their alleged benefits, was very confusing.

Skincare is becoming increasingly impractical and needed to be simplified and demystified.

This is how the concept of JUST EASE was born.

A simple and yet effective skincare product, an all-in-one cream that can be used whenever, wherever and by whomever. It took a lot of research and trials until the optimal formula was found for a cream that fulfills all routine skincare requirements and can be recommended without restrictions to everyone and with peace of mind.“

– Dr. Kuzbari

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Our values


Most of us do not have the time or the patience to go through endless steps of a skincare routine every day. The concept of JUST EASE is to maximize skincare results while minimizing the number of required steps. Less is more.


JUST EASE is a cream that contains the best available and most effective skincare ingredients. It has undergone strict external and internal quality control.


The processes and ingredients of JUST EASE are accessible, clear and understandable.


JUST EASE is a vegan & cruelty-free product that contains no toxic or potentially harmful ingredients. It is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.


Although JUST EASE offers the best available skincare quality, affordability is a priority for us. By using only the most effective products and by including them in one cream, we do not only simplify skincare, we make it more affordable.

In harmony with our environment

As the JUST EASE team, we strongly believe, a skincare product that is intended for daily use over many years must fulfill our responsibility towards our planet. For this reason, we minimize our impact on the environment in different ways:

Our products are non-toxic to the skin as well as to the environment.

Our packaging is as environmentally friendly as currently available materials allow. It is still not perfect yet, but we will continuously improve it as soon as more sustainable alternatives become available.

We use glass containers. Glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable. It is a resource-efficient material that is made of abundant natural raw materials such as sand.

No adhesive labels are used to make the glass container easier to recycle. Adhesive labels are usually coated in plastic and not recyclable.

An all-in-one skincare product is not only time-efficient; it also equals less packaging waste.

It’s all about the right team

We are proud to have collaborated with Dr. TEMT, a lab with a rich history of crafting effective skincare. Since its inception in 1947, TEMT has been a go-to brand for skincare professionals around the world, known for its high-performance, science-first, and handmade products. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have been invaluable to us, helping us realize our vision.


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